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Driving Directions to Our Ranch

Natalie's is located at 19520 Placer Hills Road in the town of Weimar (15 minutes' drive east of Auburn, California, and 15 minutes west of Colfax.) See also, map by Google.
Local Map

We are near Interstate 80, about 45 minutes from Sacramento and about 90 minutes from Reno, Nevada. Your drive time may vary, of course, based on your rig. From Sacramento (el. 100 ft.), the climb is gentle up to our elevation (about 2,000 feet). Above us, however, I-80 crosses the Sierras at about 7,000 feet before decending to Reno. The climb is quite steep in places: six percent grades are common.

Driving directions:

If you are approaching from Sacramento on I-80, continue through Auburn and take the Meadow Vista exit. Proceed through the village of Meadow Vista on Placer Hills Road. There is a three-way stop at Crother Road. Proceed straight ahead on Placer Hills Road for about one more mile. Look for our logo sign and street number (19520) on your right.

If you are approaching from Reno on I-80, take the Weimar Cross-Road exit. Turn right at the end of the ramp, cross the railroad tracks and proceed about one mile. Go left at the three-way stop and proceed for about one more mile along Placer Hills Road. Look for our logo sign and street number (19520) on your left.

NOTE: If you miss your exit coming from either direction, you can take the Applegate exit to Crother Road (see map above) and then turn right onto Placer Hills Road. It is winding and somewhat narrow, but is reasonably safe for trailer rigs, three-horse or smaller.
Approach the turn into the driveway very slowly. Best to stop and let any traffic behind you pass first. The driveway apron is fairly generous, but you will still need to swing wide. (There is a deep roadside ditch on either side.) The driveway is electronically gated. Enter the access code (provided in advance) on the keypad next to the driver's side as you pull up. The gate opens away from you and closes by itself in 30 seconds.

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